Bauer Vapor X500 Youth Ice Hockey Skate - 2017 Model

Bauer Vapor X500 Youth Ice Hockey Skate - 2017 Model

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The Bauer Vapor X500 youth ice hockey skate is designed for the intermediate-level player who would benefit from increased power and protection in a Vapor skate already made for speed and quickness.

  • 3-D TrueForm Tech PU quarter package for thermoformable, stiff protection with a custom fit
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Pro and LS1 steel for durable performance
  • Center-tongue mid-density foam and metatarsal guard for protection
  • Hydrophobic microliner for secure, dry comfort
  • TPR outsole for stiff performance
  • Lightweight memory foam ankle pads for customized, contoured support and comfort

The Vapor X500 comes with the Tuuk LightSpeed Pro steel holder. The Pro model holder is based on the LightSpeed Edge model, the most popular in the NHL today, the main difference being that blades are not replaceable in the Pro holder. The blade in the X500 youth skate is the Tuuk super stainless steel blade for long-lasting durability and bite. The holder connects to Bauer’s TPR outsole, which offers the intermediate skater a nice, stiff base of support for enhanced power transfer.

The X500 youth outsole supports a quarter package consisting of Bauer’s 3-D TrueForm Tech with PU technology. The Trueform Tech boot offers intermediate skaters the stiffness they need, but enough flex for them to master their stride. The quarter package will also give them plenty of support and protection. The boot is thermoformable, so a young player will enjoy the kind of post-baking custom fit the pros do.

The tongue in the X500 youth skate is a white felt model that offers lots of mid-density foam—it’s not only very comfortable, but also helps lock the young skater’s foot into the boot for increased control. The center metatarsal guard protects the foot against stray pucks, unwanted slashes, and lace bite—a common problem with low-volume skates like the Vapor.

Inside the boot, Bauer uses a hydrophobic microliner. The microfiber liner has a tacky texture that secures the young skater’s foot inside the boot, helping them correctly transfer energy, and wicking away moisture for a secure, comfortable, and dry fit. Beneath the liner are a set of lightweight, memory foam ankle pads that will shape to the asymmetrical contours of the player’s ankle after the skates are baked. This customization process will help lock the feet into the boot, provide plenty of secure protection, and drastically reduce break-in time. The X500, like all Vapor skates, is a low-volume skate. For the player with a narrow forefoot or shallow heel, the Vapor X500 should provide an excellent fit. 

The Bauer Vapor X500 youth skate offers the intermediate-level player a lot of features for the money. While not as heavily loaded as the 1X youth skate, the X500 skate costs less and will perform admirably for the young skater still figuring out their skating technique.