Bauer Vapor X400 Junior Ice Hockey Skate - 2017 Model

Bauer Vapor X400 Junior Ice Hockey Skate - 2017 Model

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The Vapor X400 ice hockey skate by Bauer is a strong upgrade over the X300 line and offers the recreational skater a lot of bang for the buck. Bauer has not skimped on the comfort and performance features in its X400, and anyone looking for a comfortable skate for an afternoon at the rink or on the pond—and who still enjoys a little high-end, durable performance—will appreciate what the X400 has to offer.

  • Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder for high-quality, durable reliability
  • Injected TPR for stiffness and rigidity
  • TruForm Tech PU with X-rib for increased stiffness, thermo-adjustable comfort, and ankle support
  • AnaForm ankle padding for customizable comfort and support
  • Microfiber liner for soft, dry comfort
  • EVA footbed for molded, contoured comfort

The quarter package on the Vapor X400 is the TruForm Tech PU with X-rib pattern, a big upgrade in stiffness over the X300 skate. The X400 is thermo-adjustable so you can bake it for a customized fit with the interior foams. The X400 includes Vapor’s rear X-rib design that adds stiffness and rigidity through the back of the skate. The performance-enhancing X-rib pattern improves the skate’s responsiveness by providing strategic support throughout the ankle. The result is quicker acceleration and better stability through each stride.

The Vapor X400 comes with a 30-ounce, two-piece white felt tongue with a traditional look and feel. Impressively thick for the skate’s price, it protects the top of the foot from impacts and helps reduce the pressure that can cause lace bite. 

The liner includes Bauer’s AnaForm ankle padding—it’s what forms to the foot when baked—with nice thickness for overall comfort. The signature Vapor heel lock centers the player’s heel into the boot. The liner itself is a microfiber material that’s soft to the touch and helps wick away moisture and sweat for dry comfort. The footbed in the X400 is a thick, standard molded EVA bed.

The Vapor X400 comes with the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder and Tuuk stainless steel, non-replaceable runners. The runners and holder look exactly like what you’d see in today’s NHL. The blade holder is connected to an injected TPR outsole with an indentation down the center for added stiffness and rigidity, and a better transfer of energy.

The Vapor X400, like all Vapor skates, is a low-volume skate. This means that if you have narrow toes or a shallow arch, the Vapor will likely fit your foot well. For a recreational skate, the X400 offers a lot of the quality and quickness for which Vapor is known, but at a price point perfect for odd weekends at the rink or a turn around the pond with the kids. Either way, you’ll be comfortable and looking good in your Vapor X400s.